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Pokémon 3D

by Capt_Segis at 9:56 AM
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Hello community,

We have decided it was time to release another minor update in order to fix several bugs that were still present in v0.54.1. Some of these bugs had the chance to disrupt the player's experience in a serious way and were worth a quick patch instead of waiting for the still upcoming next major release.
So here are the changes we made in this version:

- Fixed fast graphics floor tiles inside the underwater cave.
- Fixed all issues regarding the Backup Save Feature. Disabled it by default.
- Hopefully fixed some performance issues regarding offset maps
- Fixed Pain Split being considered an HM
- Fixed Focus Blast accuracy and category
- Fixed Autotomize name
- Fixed EV gain algorithm
- Fixed Sky Attack missing flinch chance
- Fixed Power Swap wrong target
- Fixed badge display in trainer card
- Fixed Fake Out flinch conditions in PvE
- Added support for .ogg music files
- Added engine support for all remaining pokemon alternate forms
- Fixed most...
by Tornado9797 at 6:17 PM
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By: @Capt_Segis

We, the P3D Team are proud to announce that our long gone Official P3D Server has just been brought back, for you guys to enjoy!

Now using a new server application (created and actively developed by our staff member Aragas), the server has increased performance, with most old bugs fixed compared to it’s state the last time it was online long ago. (namely the random player dropping and lag issues)

The Official P3D Server is included in the default server list for all P3D game releases so far, but just in the rare case you don’t have it, here is the server info:

Name: The Official Pokémon 3D Server
Address: karp.pokemon3d.net:15124

Feel free to ask any general questions and report any bugs you find regarding the official server in our official discord channel, which you can join by clicking the link below.

by Tornado9797 at 8:07 PM
(2,319 Views / 2 Likes)
About time! We have just created an official Discord server for Pokémon 3D. Feel free to use and distribute, but please don't forget to review the rules of the server before participating: